If I can see a better way for you to do that, then am I right in assuming that I should point it out to you? Pro-active advice follows on when legislation changes. What was best practice ten years ago might have changed. It would not help you if I told you when it was too late.

This may be an issue on how the business is structured, such as when should an LLP be set up and why can this better for you than an ordinary partnership or a limited company.

Or you could be looking to finance some new or replacement capital equipment – buy or lease? This would be responsive advice, quite often given over the phone, with a file note emailed afterwards. If the topic was complex, and could not be dealt with ‘adhoc’, then I would need to agree an additional fee with you before spending the time.

If the task fell outside my experience, then I would help to find you a suitable person to deal with it. An example might be pensions.